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The Blue Ocean Group of Companies is an award winning conglomerate with a diverse portfolio that has evolved over the years to become one of the most renowned and respected entities specializing in Real Estate, Construction, Engineering, Education, Travel, Facility Management and Interior Solutions and so on.

What binds our companies together is the dynamic leadership and entrepreneurial spirit that has guided us throughout the years and made it possible for us to expand and diversify thanks to our strategy of forging alliances.


Blue Ocean Residencies (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Realty (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Legend (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Breeze (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Waves (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Properties (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Investment (Pvt) Ltd
Link Construction (Pvt) Ltd
Link Realty (Pvt) Ltd
Link Legend (Pvt) Ltd
Link Properties (Pvt) Ltd
Alconn Construction (Pvt) Ltd

Land & Properties

Blue Ocean Real Estate (Pvt) Ltd
Link Real Estate (Pvt) Ltd


Blue Ocean Capital (Pvt) Ltd
Link Capital (Pvt) Ltd

Infrastructure Development

Link Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
Sisira Builders (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Construction & Development (Pvt) Ltd

Engineering Services

Blue Ocean Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
Link Aluminum (Pvt) Ltd
Link Ready-mix (Pvt) Ltd

Overseas development

Blue Ocean Overseas (Pvt) Ltd
Link Overseas (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Europe Ltd – United Kingdom
Blue Ocean Realty Canada INC
Blue Ocean Overseas Reak Estate LLC – UAE

Facility Management

Blue Ocean Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Facilities Management (Pvt) Ltd

Home Appliances

Blue Ocean Home Appliances (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Marketing (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

Home Interior

Contessa (Pvt) Ltd


Blue Ocean Holidays (Pvt) Ltd


Knowledge Base Business Studies (Pvt) Ltd


Knowledge Base Associates (Pvt) Ltd
Blue Ocean Consultancy Bureau (Pvt) Ltd
Link Engineering Consultancy Bureau (Pvt) Ltd


Blue Ocean Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd




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